Monday, February 14, 2011

Google Translate Mampu Jadi Bahan Jenaka Membuat Kita Tersenyum.

Memang macam cilaka. Pagi Maulud Nabi ni aku tak boleh tidur. Jadi aku cuba-cubalah guna google translate. Nak tengok pandai ke tak dia translate bahasa melayu rojak aku ni. Ternyata sangat pandai dan terlebih "pandai". Hahahaha! Nak bukti? Nah! Korang jangan gelak... Tahan dari tersengih. Apa-apa pun mulakan dengan membaca entri*sila tekan aku yang ni dulu baru korang faham apa kejadah dia translate. Sumpah PANDAI!

Step Kedua Baca Apa Yang Dia Translate Dekat Bawah Ni:

Hi .... I'm too lazy to chat a lot of articles that I want a story in the post this time. Korang look at the title even understand. Believe it or not, that's what is suffered by the people of Shah Alam at the old residence. 

Ni je me learn here, not feeling. Though only one case, I feel mad at this hospital is necessary. Weh! Never want to go to private clinics stretching. Pain cave jugak beb .....! Learning is not free, payable jugak. Nearest Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang. Far dol! I'm about to Google maps is in the 10km. At a job longer want to get there. If you do the bone choking, I think there is to be carried out continuously without anesthesia tu fish bones. Posted at Mampos patients. Hahaha. 

In this laugh-laugh I was wide-open there. "Shah Alam", which co je mention the name of the place who did not know this? If you do not know, legal-illegal foreigner. * I.c bang yer red? to Illegal Immigrants? Haha. In my observation is, this is the only city that JAP Hospital. Laaaahhh little embarrassed .... Once, I sat Alor Gajah, Melaka is je hospital. Ready to have X-ray room sume again. Hurm ..... Want to blame anyone? I do not know ..... Want to blame the current leadership, should be over 20 years ago, this place is the hospital. No order is less there, less here. Both the existing clinic now fully utilizes korang ni-kan je. 

Of course there want to build, but when be ready? 2000 people died as a result did not have time to hospital? Think it is ..... 

Ps: I have an entry that I already existing in-postkan. On Valentine's and the achievement of my blog. Given I'm getting lazy now. Let me focus on just one entry. Too much not to read those ttakde jugak kan? Hahahahaha!


P/s: Lepas Ni Insya-Allah entri aku dwi-bahasa :P


dabuldahi said...

hahah.. ni post yang lepas ni.. haha

dabuldahi said...

byak post was not a lot of pa-la Fiq .. what is wrong .. hehehe ..

what else .. They blame our government .. who else want to be blamed .. would not want to blame the sick person who is not rich man pulak .. would not want to say ... tu la you .. sapa told the poor .. camtu never pulak .. in this case .. government is at fault ... no matter .. I want to say jugak .. They do not care where the government .. The government has the power to form a healthy ..

I like the writing style of this new hang .. I like it .. want to marry ..

hakim said...

mmg ler...

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